GCCMP will endeavour to make available own and third party resources in order to aid the CMP’s in their quest to further their careers.

GCCMP has acquired the rights to an “E.Workbook in Credit Management”. This e.workbook will be sent to persons that apply for the certification process. Once GCMP receives your application to sit for the CMP certification, the e.workbook will be sent to your e.mail address. Please ensure that GCCMP always have your correct e.mail address.

The Mentor Ship

Tales of Snakes and Ladders from Seasoned and Experienced Credit Managers. This book is made available free of charge to all Credit Management Practitioners and may be downloaded here. This book is dedicated to our mentors and to our readers, who we hope will be inspired by the stories held within these pages. May the experiences and concepts here help you grow in your own journey as a mentor to the next generation. Our mentors have provided us with a wealth of experience and knowledge. link

Following are some valuable links to resources that every Credit Management Practitioner will find useful: