Gain credibility and recognition with a CMP certification

The CMP (Credit Management Practitioner) is the only global credential designed to recognise exclusively the experience of the Credit Management Practitioner and promote further investigation into relationships that promote career development.

CMP certification initiative has come about through the collaboration of seasoned Credit Professionals from around the world. It was noted that a large segment of credit and collection practitioners did not have access or opted not to join associations, with mechanisms to further develop and promote their careers. The decision was taken to address this shortfall and the resulting opportunity is described herein.

Founding Members

  • Josef Busuttil - Malta - responsible for Europe and Middle East
  • Declan Flood - Ireland - responsible for Ireland and the UK
  • JH Eugenè Joubert - South Africa - responsible for Africa, Mauritius and Madagascar
  • Luis Eduardo Perez Mata - Mexico - responsible for Central and South America
  • Prof. Patrick O. Connelly - USA - responsible for USA and China
  • Dr Tjaart P van der Walt - Namibia - responsible for Namibia, Australia and New Zeeland


Global Certification for CMP's (GCCMP) is a partnership of Professional Credit Management Practitioners seeking to maintain a globally recognised professional Best Practices Certification process. The CMP certification aims to establish the required International basic level of standard for the Credit Management Practitioners. The CMP certification aims to support the Credit Management Profession and to progress the Credit Management function to higher levels through the promotion of good Credit Management Practices on a global scale.


  • To establish the basis for confirming a basic core of knowledge, based upon work experience in Credit Management.
  • To provide Practitioners, possessing experience in Credit Management, with a process to demonstrate it and be recognised.
  • To create an awareness of the competency of Credit Management Practitioners to markets.
  • To promote the Credit Management profession and Credit Management Practitioners.