In meeting today's business challenges we all need Colleagues to partner with us


  • JBConsult
  • The Federation of Credit Management SA
  • The Tao Institute in the USA
  • The Credit Coach in Ireland
  • Corporate Rebels People Solutions



JBConsult has been developed by Josef Busuttil. It focuses on training and consultancy related to the management of A/R (Accounts Receivable) and Credit Management in an innovative and profitable manner. Their unique training and consultancy programmes help business organisations to review, develop, and implement effective and innovative credit management strategies in order to sustain sound stakeholders relationship, gain competitive advantage in the market and transform the credit function into a profit centre rather than a cost centre. Visit: JB Consult


They are a specialized institution offering academic areas, innovative strategies, discussion forums and networking events to motivate development of Credit and Collection Industry, considering such executive as a whole, not only looking for professional growth but also personal. They understand that the only way to contribute and create value in a changing environment is through divergent thinking, generating ideas providing an alternative view of reality. Visit: ICM Mexico


In managing Credit you need a Partner. One that understands today's Business and Credit environment. One that can enhance your business, credit risk and profitability strategy. One that builds upon your success, but is not blinded by it. One with a comprehensive plan that integrates all initiatives with measurable actions. One with a strategy that is clear, cogent and compelling. One that gets you what you need, not necessarily what you want. Visit: Corporate Rebels