To apply and thereafter sit for the CMP certification, you need to follow the instructions below carefully. Please read through the whole process, then gather all the required documentation beforehand, and then submit it to the Global Certification Centre for Credit Management Practitioners when requested. Important to note that the certification process is an on-line process and that you must have access to the Internet in order to apply and to sit for the e-assessment test.

First of all, you need to complete the Application Form. Download the Application Form and complete it, please supply as much information as possible.



  1. A “Character Reference From” - a person that knows you well testifying that you possess a high moral and professional character and meet the qualifications set forth by the Code of Ethics established by GCCMP.
  2. An “Employer Reference Form” - signed by your current / previous employer, testifying about you and the fact that you have a minimum of five years experience in the credit or collections function.
……………………* Download the CHARACTER REFERENCE FORM
……………………* Download the EMPLOYER REFERRAL LETTER

  1. Proof of your Identity - a copy of you official current and valid passport or national identity card. The document including you photo must be clearly legible.


Once you have obtained and complete all the documents required, you need to submit same to GCCMP. All documents must be scanned and uploaded ensuring that they all are clear and legible.

Ensure that you have all the forms, Application etc ready.

Send an e.mail to info@globalcmp.net and attach the following documents:

  • Application Form.
  • Character Reference Form.
  • Employer Reference Form.
  • copy of Identity Document.
GCCMP reserves the right to verify any and all documents submitted with the authors thereof.


A soon as GCCMP has verified your application and documents submitted, you will receive your invoice.
Submit your EFT payment and upon receipt thereof you will receive your log-on details to sit for the GCCMP Certification.

Once you have received your log-on details you need to do the following:

  • Log-on to the Certification System.
  • Ensure you have 2 hours quiet time.
  • Complete the online competency assessment test.

Fees: quoted in: ….…. Euro
• Registration Fee :.… 25
• Certification Fee :
• Yearly Renewal :
. … 50

5. WAIT for your RESULTS

Once you have completed your GCCMP Certification test, and the results of your test is verified by the GCCMP Assessors and Moderators, you will be notified of the outcome of your application and certification.

We wish you well in your application and certification.

The Board of Directors - GCCMP