GCCMP - Offering

  • To certificate on the practical experience of a Credit Management Practitioner in “Best Practice Credit Management”
  • To provide an eLearning reference workbook in the Practice of Credit Management
  • To inform Credit Management Practitioners of events in the Credit Management Industry
  • To put Credit Management Practitioners in contact with Associations and Institutes to further their careers

The CMP Certificate

An individual can apply online for the CMP certificate if the applicant has a minimum of five years work experience in the field of credit, collections or debt management, in any industry or economic sector. The certification process is an on-line process and the applicant must have access to the Internet in order to apply online and to sit for the e-assessment test.

GCCMP - Requirements

  1. Applicants must exhibit high moral standards and professional character, hence they must submit a “Character Reference” signed by a person that knows them well and can testify to it.
  2. Applicants must submit “Proof of Identity” in the form of a copy of the applicant’s official passport or national identity card. Expired document will not be accepted.
  3. Applicants must submit an “Employer Referral” from their current employer, proving evidence that the applicant has a minimum of five years experience in the credit or collections function. GCMP reserves the right to contact the employer for the verification of the referral letter.
  4. The Application Form and documents must be scanned and e-mailed to GCCMP, ensuring that the documents including the applicant’s photo is clearly legible.
  5. Applicants must then successfully sit for an online competency assessment test. The online competency assessment test consists of Multiple Questions and the successful applicant must obtain at least 75% to be certified “Competent” and receive the CMP certificate.


The following was received from: Jennifer Lambden FACP, MABM,MIoEE

“I like the offering & believe that you close the gap that's so evident in Credit Management internationally. You also close the gap by providing a safe, nurturing & knowledge building platform for all to utilise. We are the unsung heroes in the business world, Credit Management is the back bone of a company & keeps the wheels of industry moving yet we are often the first team sacrificed in cuts when companies believe that to increase sales you just take on more sales personnel & downsize collections so for me the GCMP is a valuable resource. I had a good look around your website, it's easy to follow, it flows & it's clear what your aim is. I will complete my application form thank you. Kind regards. Jen”